How to choose Kuala Lumpur escorts by photos

From our Kuala Lumpur escorts galleries you can easily tell who an attractive escort is and who is not. This is because the pictures clearly reveal the ladies you will be meeting should you book for them. Some are too hot to be true, with sexy smiles, nice physique and a flawless skin while others are not. The pictures are common in any escort website. So could it be that pictures tell all you need to know about an escort? Can you judge an escort by her pose? Will you believe what you see in the pictures?

The best photo that promotes an escort

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This means that the photo you see of an escort should speak a thousand words about her. All clients look for an erotic, sexy, sensual and an amazing girl. As much as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, there are some factors clients consider that are similar. You can easily tell a professional escort and an amature from the types of photos they post. Amature photos are not as appealing they should be. The escorts in such photos are normally badly dressed and poorly lit. So not only should the escort have great poses but the photographer should know the best lighting that will make the photo worth looking at.

Have a detailed image

Not so much can be shown by a simple photo. There are details that will only be visible when you meet the escort in person. But a good photo should be able to tell more so that you can have an idea of the person you are about to meet. The things that make her stand out should be clearly revealed by the photo. For instance, if it is the blonde hair that makes her stand out then this should be clearly shown. There are clients who will do everything to have a blonde. The same case applies to brunettes. A look at our galleries and you will understand what makes these girls stand out.

There is power in the right outfit

The right outfit that accentuates your body type is all that clients love. This means that the photos will only look good to clients if they have the right outfits on them. This not only mean having a sexy dress. Other things that matter include the right shoes and makeup that makes an escort look sexy. There are those that will put on short skirts to show their smooth skins while other prefer bikinis. The escort will choose what she wants the photo to say about her and work closely with the photographer to ensure that is made possible.

The power of lace

Lace has the power to entice any man. This is why it is commonly used by most of these Kuala Lumpur escorts. It doesn’t show too much flesh; just enough. Girls with a lace look sexy and drive the intended point to the potential clients. This is why most escorts in lingerie use then. So if you are still an amature escort, this is what you need to add to your craft.

Silk adds some taste

Silk is quite a common material among escorts as it brings a sense of class, sexiness and horniness. This is why most sexy garments women put on in the bedroom are made of silk. Escorts also love the fact that silk wraps perfectly around a toned body and reveals the right features for the clients to see. The fact that it comes in different colors make it perfect for different skin tones.

Sexy leather

Leather beings out the eroticism in any girl. Most escorts in Kuala Lumpur know that fact and that’s why you will always find them in leather pants or skirts. Leather provides a stark contrast with the skin texture. It reveals a toned body under a correct lighting and this is why sexy ladies love it. Black leather outfits are common but there are different colors to choose from too.

The magic in latex and pvc

There is magic in latex and pvc and the photo galleries of escorts dressed in them can tell you. The sleekness and shine of latex brings men to their knees. These outfits are too sexy and flirty so they bring out the intended message loud and clear.


Modern escorts have embraced the uniform culture and today you will see them in nurses or secretaries uniforms. These uniforms look good on them and gives the impression that these girls are down for some fun and games. It goes without saying that every client is down for some fun and these ladies can surely give you that.

Having a perfect shot

Most people will argue that there is no such thing as a perfect shot. However, photographers can make use of proper lighting, sexy model and a perfect outfit to try and take the perfect shot. Every person going through the escort galleries want to see something appealing. Models on the other hand will in most cases use the right make up, put on the sexiest shoes and look straight into the camera.

Update the photos

People who have used escort services have many tales to tell. One common story is meeting a girl who looks nothing like the photos. This is disappointing and sometimes leads to clients cancelling the date upon seeing escort. So what is normally the course? In most cases, escorts retush their photos to the extent that they look nothing like the photo says. A good number of them also never update their photos. So what you see is a photo that was taken when the escort was still young.

It goes without saying that an escort in business will want to add a few filters here and there to make the photo look appealing and attract many clients. However a good number of them understand that this is a risky trade since it ends up disappoint them and their clients. And a disappointed client means a negative review. This is why escort agencies require a photo that is not older than 6 months. If there are any changes to be made in the photo, they should only be minor. This is a sure way to keep the client happy and uplift the reputation of the agency.