If you regularly visit escort service websites for whatever reason, you might have noticed that the listed profiles change quite often, at times even at a higher rate than you might expect, leaving you to wonder why that is the case. The answer to your question is quite simple, and it’s because most of the companies facilitating escort services have a high turnover of Kuala Lumpur escorts, which also has a reason.

The reason for a high turnover rate is because a majority of these escorts are not there to stay. Well, as much as they may be earning a significant amount of money compared to making nothing, most of them have to leave as soon as they get something that they think is better and feel more comfortable doing.So, after all, it’s almost evident that most “ladies of the night” don’t always seek jobs in escort agencies because they enjoy doing what they are doing there. The following set of reasons push them to do what they do, with most of them revolving around “Trying to make money in a short span”:

1. Paying for their education

Life is getting harder by the day, with the cost of living going higher almost constantly. With several challenges in life, most of these women resort to being escorts so they can earn some cash to try and make it through their education life, and once they are successful, they quit. After their exit, the agencies have no choice other than finding other escorts to replace them, hence the ever-changing profiles.

What you need to appreciate, in this case, is that students come from different backgrounds, and everyone has their preferences. As such, while some prefer to earn their bucks the hard way like working at a local store, others might want to make some quick cash, so they can create more time to study.

2. Challenging independent escort market

Some Kuala Lumpur escorts prefer to be independent but that, of course, comes with its challenges since bookings are not a guarantee. The market is quite competitive especially when agencies come into play. Competing against agencies is like competing against renown companies as an independent contractor, and we all know whom customers will think is more reliable.

The same case applies to escort girls such that most of them who are struggling, decide to approach agencies for work, but still keep their independent bookings. Some of them try to steal clients from the businesses, but at times, things go south forcing them to part ways with their employers.

In the end, whether or not independent escorts are dismissed from the agencies for whatever reasons, most of them will still leave. This eventually gives a majority of these escort agencies the need to replace them with other call girls to keep the business running as usual.

3. It’s not that easy

Have you ever found a profile on an escort agency website, only to realize that it’s no longer there maybe even the day after that? Well, it might just be that the lady quit even before she offered here first “service,” leaving the agency without an option but to replace them. Most people willing to become escorts in Kuala Lumpur have some notions of what escorting is all about, only for them to get recruited and realize that it’s not as they thought. Well, let’s just say that escorting is not for everyone.

4. In search for greener pastures

Have you ever worked somewhere and thought to yourself that if offered a better chance you would never hesitate to take up the opportunity? It’s basically the same case here. Escorts want the best they can get and will do whatever they can even if it means moving from one agency to the next as they hunt for a better deal. Even though in some cases the company may not delete their profiles permanently, they have to replace them with active ones, and the change will reflect across the entire site.

In summary,

If you have been wondering what the reason behind the high turnover of escorts in different agencies is, there you have it. The next time you see a profile, and after some period it disappears just like that, one the reasons above might have led to that.