10 Reasons People Book Escorts in Kuala Lumpur

Look in the right places and you’ll discover Kuala Lumpur escorts are some of the most beautiful women on the planet. They’re engaging, passionate and, most of all, keen to show visitors that legendary malay charm. If you’re interested in booking a female escort in Malaysia during your next trip, just know you’ll never have another experience like it.       

The finest local KL escorts provide more than pleasure. After all, what is an intimate encounter without a personal connection? Maybe you’re looking for more than sexual gratification. Perhaps you want a girl who listens to you, who’s interested in your life and wants to spend time with you at some of the most exciting spots in the city.   

Whatever your desires, be they sexual, conversational or both, there’s a truly stunning local escort out there for you. Are you ready to find her? Let’s take a look at some of the things she can give you.

1. Unforgettable Adventure

Hiring an escort is a thrill ride because the relationship is a unique one. Whether you spend a day or five days together, your time will end so there’s no excuse not to see everything, taste everything and dive headfirst into the adventures on your bucket list.

2. Charming Company

Business travellers are the most likely people to hire escorts. Often, overseas business trips are taken alone and involve more free time than corporate meetings. So, it makes sense for businessmen to pursue vivacious female company. Escorts in the city provide more than sexual gratification. They are the perfect companions for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, art galleries, parties, galas and more.

3. Emotional Freedom

Some men hire escorts not just for the sexual gratification but because they want to spend time with somebody without expectations or. Dating is tough on the emotions. Sometimes, the best way to truly enjoy sex and spending time with somebody is to know exactly what you want from one another. No assumptions. No worrying about next week; just relax and take pleasure in your lover because the moment is now.

4. Open Minded Pleasure

One common reason for hiring a premium escort is the sense of freedom. For many men, sexual adventure in long term relationships is sorely lacking. They feel unwilling or unable to explore certain kinks. With a prostitute, there are no such limitations. As long as you’re polite and respectful, you can ask your kinky date to try all kinds of positions and ambitious sexual escapades.

5. The Classiest Date in Town

When you book a call girl, you’re in charge. If you want to stay in the hotel room all day, that’s fine. However, lots of businessmen choose escorts as their dates for industry parties, luncheons and events. These girls are so beautiful, classy and discreet that nobody will ever know they’re not your regular head-turning companion.     

6. Beauty and Personality

The finest escorts in Kuala Lumpur have beauty that will take your breath away. Isn’t that a good enough reason to want to spend quality time with them? Sometimes, a gentleman wants to while away his evenings with a woman who could easily pass for a supermodel. And it’s no more complicated than that; some guys just love beautiful women and relish every chance to get close to a girl who embodies their ideal.  

7. Convenient Arrangements

Maybe you’d rather meet a girl the old fashioned way, but you don’t have the time for socialising on your next business trip. With a high-class escort, it’s not a problem. Skip the formalities because she’s here for you. Being able to pick the dates, times, locations and activities is an advantage for business travellers because it means no wasted time or opportunities, only maximum satisfaction.

8. Confidence Booster

It’s quite common for men to hire escorts shortly after a breakup. Whether the reasons for it were emotional or sexual, escorts are highly skilled in the art of providing comfort. Erotic massage, long conversations, shared bubble baths, dinner and cocktails, walks in the park; whatever makes a man feel confident and capable, a really good escort can recognise the need and work out how best to provide it.

9. Love Affair

The women in Malaysia aren’t like women anywhere else. So, if you want to experience their beauty, adventurousness and passion in an unadulterated manner, booking an escort is the best way to do it. For men who hold a torch for malay girls, it’s a truly memorable experience.     

10. Sex, Sex and More Sex

It’s not always a cosy tale of entrancing company at the corporate dinner party. Local prostitutes are sexually skilled and more than capable of providing the most unforgettable experiences. When a guy would rather skip the dinner and move straight to the bedroom, there’s no better companion than a malay beauty who’s up for anything. It’s perfectly okay – nay, exciting – when a man enjoys the pursuit of pleasure and isn’t afraid to admit it.   

The Final Word on Booking an Escort in Malaysia

Whatever you prefer to call your special lady – escort, call girl, dinner party date – she’s more than capable of turning your  trip into an adventure you’ll never forget. Just remember not to get too hung up on the details. If you want to go out and drink cocktails, do it. If you want to stay tangled in bedsheets all afternoon, it’s your choice. There’s no wrong answer when it comes to Kuala Lumpur escorts.