So what should you do to become the best escort in KL?

The escort industry in Malaysia is thriving and presents a fantastic way to make money. You can decide to do it on a part-time basis as a hobby. The other alternative is to do it long term. Some escorts earn within the range of $1500 to $4000 per week. 

It is important to note that there is a lot of competition amongst KL escorts. Find a way to attract new customers and stand above the competition. While your repeat customers may be a good source of income, it is a good idea to get yourself out there. So what should you do?

Set Up A Personal Profile

One way of succeeding as an escort in Kuala Lumpur is to advertise yourself. Setting up a personal escort ad is simple using our escort directory, which requires no coding or technical knowledge. Now, post appealing pictures and develop your profile. 

Be Careful About Who You Date 

Being an escort is tricky because you are never sure who you will meet. Referral clients are great, but they may not always be available. With new clients, only trust those who give you full information. Do your research, and if you do not find a digital footprint for them, then do not go on a date.

Be Professional And Set Ground Rules

Think about being call girl in KL like any other professional job. Handle your clients with professionalism, and be very clear from the very beginning what your date entails. Do not put yourself in situations of danger by focusing more on the money. Do not compromise your safety, and know when to leave, when things start to get out of control.  

Work On Your Personality

As an call girl, you will attract more clients if you are friendly, charming, knowledgeable and sexy. Dress well and have something unique about you that will keep your clients coming back for more.  

Final Thoughts

You can make a good income by being an escort. Advertise yourself and offer your customers something unique that will keep them coming back to you.